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1.1. General Regulations of Use of specify the conditions under which you can use the website of website. recommends that you would read these regulations carefully before using this website. By using you accept that you have read and agreed with these terms. shall reserve the right to amend or modify the regulations of the website at any time and without prior notice. We kindly offer you regularly (because they can be changed over time) to read these regulations to make sure they are acceptable to you. If you do not agree with these regulations, requests you to leave this website immediately


2.1. provides you with the opportunity to register the time for a service offered by our partners. It does not depend on what the final agreement will be with the service provider. is not responsible for the incorrect execution of the order, it is the responsibility of the service provider. does not provide any guarantees regarding the quality of services. If the price of the order was paid online via the website of, will accept responsibility for the transaction if there is submitted dissatisfaction within 3 business days.


3.1. By using offered on this website services, you guarantee that:
- You are using this website and its services lawfully;
- You are 18 years old or you have the consent of your parent or guardians if you are under the age of 18.
3.2. You are responsible for your provided information, which is necessary for the proper execution of the order (including your name, surname, email address and telephone number).
3.3. will process your order and send you a confirmation email or SMS. If you have not received any confirmation notification, thus, we have not received your order and kindly request to contact us as soon as possible.
3.4. If your online payment has not been approved, you will be redirected back to the previous webpage of the website In such case, will consider the order as not fulfilled.
3.5. If you have paid for the service(s) in advance and you cannot arrive, please, first check how the money will be returned and whether it will be generally refunded.


4.1. The prices are estimated by the service providers.
4.2. Prices are VAT included.
4.3. On the website there are offered many services (e.g. hair coloring; cutting of puppy hair, treatment, etc.) whose prices are not completely accurate due to external circumstances (e.g. hair length, puppy size, need for treatment, etc.), therefore, for the accuracy of the price there are responsible service providers, but not
4.4. All payments for services must be made in accordance with payment terms and conditions. Payment terms and conditions are set by service providers. If you pay via the website, reserves the right to withdraw any order at any time if the used credit card arises any doubts.
4.5. If you have a discount card/code or gift coupon, you can use them only once by entering the appropriate code in the box provided. Note: not all service providers check the codes in real time, other service providers will inform about the validity of the in a separate notification.
4.6. If you paid for the service online via and your order was cancelled by the service provider, must return your money within 5 business days to your bank account from which you paid for the services.
4.7. Sometimes it can occur unexpected delays when processing and executing online payments. If it depends on, it will make all efforts to eliminate the delays as quickly as possible.


5.1. You agree that are not and will not be responsible for the disruption or the website and/or service provision and experienced losses.
5.2. (including all employees and shareholders of the company, etc.) shall not assume any responsibility and/or accountability (as far as laws allow) for any losses (direct or indirect, including time spent, poor management, inappropriate provision of information, etc.). arising out of: services provided by; discrepancy of the content presented on the website of, inaccuracy or falsity of the information and negative consequences arisen thereof; inaccuracy of the information provided by service providers on the website of
5.3. makes all efforts to ensure the accuracy, completeness and clarity of all information on the website. However, service providers are responsible for providing information (its accuracy) about their services (descriptions, names, prices of services, etc.). If you are in doubt as to the accuracy of any provided information, we suggest you contact directly the service providers or before placing an order.
5.4. You are entirely responsible for the security of the password which you use to log in is not liable for any unlawful acts committed using your name and/or password.
5.5. You agree that is not liable for: the quality of the services; spent time; failure to meet your expectations; additional disturbances; caused negative consequences for you; losses you may have incurred using the website and/or services provided by
5.6. You agree that will not be liable for any changes to the content of the website by using the website and/or services, including but not limited to any mistakes or inconsistencies in such content, losses or damage caused by relevant content or the publication, receipt, sending or other transmission of such content by using the services.
5.7. You agree that will not be liable as to all and any reasons for its actions/inactions related to the use of the website and/or services and compliance with these regulations.
5.8. You assume all liability for any loss or damage which may occur from the use of the website or the services.
5.9. If you have experienced loss (data, equipment, software, etc.) using the website of, you are responsible for it and shall cover all incurred expenses.
5.10. You shall undertake to ensure that the website of will never be subject to any legal liability, obligation to pay, reimburse or otherwise compensate for any loss, damage or other incurred expenses which are the result of your actions which violate these regulations and/or other legislation of the Republic of Lithuania while you were using the website and/or services.


6.1. You can submit complaints about the provision of the services no later than within 48 hours after receipt of the service. Complaints can be submitted by clicking on the "Write a review" button and filling in the required fields, as soon as a complaint/review is received, the employee of will contact you as soon as possible. You can also contact a customer service specialist by phone or write us an email.
6.2. If you are not satisfied with the service (or have experienced the inconvenience mentioned in the Article 5), and if it is possible, will try to find the right solution for you. may decide (without taking any responsibility) to refund the money for the received service.
6.3. If you have any complaints about the provision of a service or if you are asking for compensation, you must contact the service provider directly.


7.1. You can download/print the data of only for personal and non-commercial use.
7.2. All rights to the website and the information contained therein, including copyrights and other intellectual property rights (including, but not limited to, rights to trademarks, names of the companies, databases, designs, etc.) and any material provided by (including, but not limited to, pictures, files, data, texts, layouts, images, etc.) are protected. and all data contained on this website or accessible via this website are protected under the applicable laws on intellectual property. The use of any data of, except as specified in the Paragraph 7.1 thereof, is strictly prohibited. In such cases, the prior written consent of is required.
7.3. You do not have the right to alter, modify, transfer, spread, copy content of the website and other information (including photographs, texts, images, sound recordings) without the prior written consent of


8.1. endeavour to make the website accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, does not guarantee that the website will operate continuously or without errors. cannot guarantee the continuity of work of servers, absence of viruses, technical failures or other similar incidents. does not assume any liability related to the indicated incidents.
8.2. As the transfer of information on the Internet is not completely safe (although takes all possible measures to protect your information), cannot guarantee security of your data on the website. Each transfer of data is at your own risk.
8.3. reserves the right without prior notice (at its sole discretion) immediately terminate or suspend the access to the website and its provided services, if there is a reason to believe that the material uploaded, spread or otherwise used on the website violates the regulations of this website.


9.1. You are responsible for the content which you place on the website of You are also responsible for persons who use the website of by your Internet.
9.2. All information which is not considered to be personal information which is subject to the privacy policy of (click here to view Privacy Policy), all material which you transfer or post on the website is considered as non-confidential and not protected by the property rights information. does not have any obligations regarding this material. can freely copy, disclose, spread, insert and otherwise use such material and data, images, sounds, text and other content on the website for any purpose.
9.3. You are prohibited from commenting, posting, transferring any content on the website (or beyond it):
- by which it is threatened, defamed and insulted, which is inappropriate, promoting hostility, offensive, pornographic, abusive, inciting racial hatred, discriminatory and/or inciting discrimination, threatening, scandalous, obscene, violating confidentiality and privacy which may be annoying or making inconvenience;
- for which you do not have all necessary licenses and/or approvals;
- which may violate the intellectual property rights of individuals;
- which is equated or by which it is encouraged behaviour considered as a criminal activity, entails civil liability or otherwise is in conflict with the law or violates the rights of any third party in any country of the world (for example, violates a person's right to privacy);
- which gives the impression that a review or a comment is written by;
- by which someone tries to pretend to be another person;
- which is technically harmful (including computer viruses, logical bombs, corrupted data or other malicious software, malicious data, etc.).
9.4. There are prohibited all means which can be used for improperly usage of the website including, but not limited to, hacking, attempt to remove protection, etc.
9.5. If you do not comply with any of the prohibited actions listed above, shall reserve the right to transfer any costs incurred due to the prohibited actions listed above to the offender.
9.6. will fully cooperate with all competent authorities or execute all court decisions requesting or directing to disclose the identity and location of the person who posted the material which is prohibited according to the Article 9.


10.1. Links to the websites of the service providers are provided only for your convenience. If you use these links, you will leave the website of does not monitor and control the websites of service providers, nor it is responsible for their content and availability.
10.2. At any time, you may link this website to your website if you do it in good faith and lawfully, in any way not harming (its reputation, etc.).
10.3. You do not have the right to create a link to a website which you do not own, or it does not exist.
10.4. The website you want to link to must comply with the terms and standards of this website, and in good faith to comply with the conditions and regulations thereof.
10.5. reserves the right at any time and for any reason to cancel the permission issued for the linking of the websites.


11.1. shall undertake to protect your privacy and security. All your personal data which we collect will be processed in accordance with the Privacy Policy (click here to view our Privacy Policy).


12.1. shall undertake to protect your privacy and security. All your personal data which we collect will be processed in accordance with the Privacy Policy (click here to view our Privacy Policy).
12.2. If any provision of the website is in violation of the law or for some reasons becomes partially or totally invalid, unlawful or impracticable, such a provision will be removed from the list of the regulations of the website. This shall not affect the rest of the provisions of the website, which will be continued to apply as far as it is permitted by the laws.
12.3. The parties shall agree that these provisions prevail over all available explanations and descriptions of the services on the website, as well as for the fact that all disputes between the parties will be resolved on the basis of these provisions and their text.
12.4. All disputes arising out of execution of these regulations are resolved by the way of negotiation. If the parties fail to resolve the dispute by the way of negotiation within 30 days from the date on which one of the parties handed the request to the other party to resolve the dispute, such dispute shall be finally resolved in the courts according to the procedure established by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.
12.5. In case of any controversial issues, we propose that all information would be sent in writing, because if this is to be resolved by the competent authorities, this would make it easier to clarify the dispute. By using you agree that we will mostly communicate by electronic means.