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You provide services for clients. You make them feel happy. We provide an opportunity for a simpler, quicker and cheaper booking and make your client bookings available on our website.

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We offer a full-featured free 30-day trial to all businesses signing up to our Plus and Premium plans. No credit card needed.

I don’t know anyone who likes calling businesses. It’s not fast or convenient, and it definitely doesn’t feel like the future.Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook founder)

Online and Facebook booking

Receive bookings round-the-clock without any additional effort. Bookings are made in real time both on your website and the Facebook page. Client sees only the things you want to show, while you are always informed about any calendar changes. is a tool that allows to receive bookings 24/7 on a website or a Facebook account. This is a simpler and more convenient way to book services.

Convenient work planning

Manage your and staff time more efficiently whenever you are by using computer, telephone or tablet PC. We will provide all company staff with individual calendars and it will allow for more flexibility and free them from watching their notebooks.

Maintain relations with your clients

More opportunities for communicating with your clients! We offer you to send personal messages automatically without making any effort. For instance, you can send thanks messages after every visit, share special offers, news, birthday greetings and anything that would strengthen friendship between you and the client. platform

Increase your revenue

It is an easy way to make use of free time on the calendar – we will offer it to new clients. operates in simple terms – no bookings – no fees. Our only mission is the success of your business.

Smart marketing

How to make use of available time? Our system will advise how to use it. An unexpected cancellation of a booking? You can offer the last-minute offer then. Slow Tuesday mornings? It is a chance for special offers to your new clients. Seasonal prices of hotels and air tickets? It‘s time to change your company‘s rules.

Better visibility

We invest in advertising so that you wouldn‘t need to do it. Visibility of your services is the most important thing. So, each of us does his best: we sell, while you make the client satisfied! Joint efforts are needed for success and we aim to be your trusted business partner.

Useful tools

Online calendar

Provide an opportunity for a client to book services on your website, Facebook, and partner sites.

Email and SMS reminders

Automatic SMS or email reminders about forthcoming visits are sent without any efforts of yours.

Advance payments

Provide your clients with an opportunity to pay a deposit or the full price of a service and ensure the client‘s visit.

Calendar synchronisation

Real-time synchronisation with other calendars you use.

Client information and hobbies

Know not only your clients‘ contacts and visits history but also note important details for other visits.

Client feedback

Collect client feedback information automatically with an opportunity to make reviews or collect other statistical data.

Gift vouchers + service coupons

Sell vouchers or pre-paid service coupons.

Last minute offers

Do you have unoccupied time? Maybe it‘s time to use it and make the last-minute offer?

Companies like yours – It all makes it very easy, as it‘s impossible to keep everything in mind, and the paper is not the best option either...

Andrius Stepanavičius
CEO, E PowerPark

The team is extremely happy. We have spent plenty of time booking, and now we are glad to have found you :)

Brazzi Studios

Simple and Flexible Pricing

A useful partnershipFREE offer:

You will get a free unlimited access to a Standard plan for good, it will help to promote your business and generate more bookings. All bookings on your website or Facebook page are free of charge. We only charge a mediation fee when bookings are completed on or platforms of our partners. If we don‘t bring you clients, you don‘t need to pay anything.

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